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The Herons of Stanley Park

The Herons of Stanley Park cover.jpg

    This is a book all about herons, for ages 6 to adult, and it features gorgeous photos by photographer Martin Passchier. Stanley Park in Vancouver has been home to a colony of Pacific Great Blue Herons for many years, and they have nested in the heronry they made beside the tennis courts since 2001. In the spring the herons go fishing, eat, fly, display and call to each other, build their nests, mate, lay eggs, and take care of their baby herons. They try to avoid their predators - eagles and raccoons. 

By summer’s end they fly inland, though they do not migrate. 

   Photographer Martin Passchier has been photographing them for years, and The Stanley Park Ecology Society has been monitoring the heron colony, and keeping track of the number of nesting pairs and eggs and fledglings. These herons are a species at risk.

    Julie Emerson tells the story of these amazing birds in The Herons of Stanley Park. This book is out of print. The Vancouver Park Board has a live streaming video from March to August. You can watch the activities of the herons online, and see them in Stanley Park.

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