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Women with Wings paintings


In these paintings, women fulfill the age-old dream of sharing the wings and the spirit of birds! There are seven different watercolours on this theme. Some alighted at The Vancouver Art Gallery Sales & Rentals.

about human and avian anatomy:

Birds can fly because their bones evolved somewhat differently from yours. Your collarbones (clavicle) evolved in a bird into the wishbone (furcula), your chestbone (sternum) expanded to include a keel (carina), and your poky shoulder blades (scapula) elongated in a bird like tiny hockey sticks.

A bird has the same kind of armbones as you have, but the lower armbone (ulna) has secondary flight feathers. On a bird, your five fingers were modified to three: two covered with long primary flight feathers and a thumb-like one sprouting a small feather (alula) to control air flow during flight.

Wishbones  watercolour  24”H x 16”W


All images on this website are copyright Julie Emerson.

If you use my images, you are stealing.

Hope is the Thing  watercolour  19”H x 22”W

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